Workflow Management System

With the extension of Technology in various application programs, the urge for Workflow Management Systems (WFMS) has also boosted. It allows the coordination, automation as well as directing the business operating tasks in a relatively simpler way. Filtering of data from a document, while travelling to the next department, is carried by WFMS.

This software is an upgrade tool for handling such loads of data and redundant processes to be carried followed by all uncompleted tasks directing towards visibility into the process. A business process consists of several steps like sales, purchasing, invoice, etc. having sets of predefined choices which direct the forward or backward outflow. With Workflow Management Systems, it is easy for users to access their list of tasks immediately.

In sync is successful in providing all the IT related services. Some of the Workflow Management Systems features we enable are:

  • Complexly coherent with Your Business application

    It is an essential feature that leads to complete and successful enactment of Workflow Management System. It must permit the users for accessing the one of more screens/forms and must ensure a path to line-of-business application so as to form a link between them when WFMS is bolt on application. LOB screens must be supervised by the authority levels within WFMS.
  • Configure and able to create simple and complex processes

    It matters the amount of flexibility being provided to users inorder to create as well as configure all the series of the steps in every kind of business process whether being simple or complex. Some process needs parallel processing branching which are turned into simple one according to the rules defined by users.
  • Quick and Instinctive creation of process

    During the transfer of a file, the data must be retrieved in order to work upon, modify and review. Thus, it is essential WFMS must be intuitive as well as quick for configuring the process. You can either create the process workflows in a schematic diagram in some WFMSs
  • Able to incorporate the BPMN process models enhanced by other software tools with the translation the XML data into database structures.

    Sometimes, it is required to incorporate the tools created by other software letting the fast configuration of the workflow process. With In sync, it is really easy to get this feature for your Workflow Management System.
  • Parallel or Sequential, group or multi-tiered approval enabling

    For any kind of workflows whether simple for a single user or parallel workflows, all WFMS should be flexible to incorporate these features. The WFMS must be able to convert the parallel process to single sequential process as to be accessed by the user.
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