WebSphere Portal Servers

WebSphere Portal Server by IBM offers you customized, multi-portal facilities that help you to deliver an individual social-portal experience to your customers. It makes things easier for your customer by providing a one-stop access to your applications, information, services, and social media connections they might need. Providing the single-point access ensures that the operation cost for web reduces dramatically.

If you belong to the software world, then you would have come across the term WebSphere Portal Server a lot. It is an application or rather a set of tools that helps in making and managing the web portals. It has some very simple features that have made it the number one choice in this category. Most of the people developing portals prefer this to any other products.

The web content and applications can be accessed from a single point. This software gives a differentiated performance which ensures that the WebSphere Portal Server has something unique for every user and delivers highly customized services thus making it much more sophisticated and enjoyable.

Present in the market since 2001, it has been upgraded 10 times in the past 13 years. It also has different versions that can be run on various different operating systems like Linux, z/OS, etc. There are several features that provide a smoother experience and much better functionality. Let us have a look at the features that makes the WebSphere portal server invaluable.

  • The access to information and applications are faster and easier
  • It has a much stronger search feature
  • Faster task completion thanks to faster access
  • It simplifies the task of content creation and editing
  • Has a scalable platform enabling the use of Web 2.0
  • It is compatible with other software which give it a personalized touch

    What we offer

    Insyn provides WebSphere portal server services that will help in making your business efficient. A much lesser amount of money is spent in the management of the servers and the time taken to complete any task is also reduced significantly. The technology is reliable which will provide a stable base for any future undertakings.

    • Core portal services: providing access to applications and content based on roles to ensure better personalization and security
    • Resource relevance: Filtering via web browsers to provide contextual and quick resource access to the customer
    • Social portal usability: customization and seamless integration with social media websites
    • Architecture: We can help you use WebShpere to deliver Web 2.0 capabilities for all devices
    • Integration with other WebSphere products

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