Web Development

The term Web Development means the work done in designing a website for the internet. The web design can be very simple single-paged or may consist of many complex pages interleaved into one. Web Developmentis primarily developing a website using many web-based applications.

Few tasks included in web developmentat It Syncare as follows:

  • Web design
  • Web content development
  • Client liaison
  • Client-side/server-side
  • Web server
  • Network security
  • E-commerce development

A Web page can be designed with the help of markups and coding.

A lot of software is required to develop websites which include Adobe Dreamweaver, WebDev and Microsoft Expression Studio and a basic knowledge of HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) is also required. A lot of tools has been developed which help the website developers build interactive and dynamic websites.

Web Development can be split into typical areas. These areas can be developed using many languages which include:

  • Client-side coding

    Ajax (Asynchronous JavaScript), Flash Adobe Flash player, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3. Client coding like XHTML is executed on a local client, and the server side is not present.
  • Server-side coding

    ASP, ASP.NET, Erlang, Java, Lotus Domino, Perl, PHP, Python and other languages can be used to develop server-side coding.
    • Client side and server side coding

      Google Web Toolkit creates and maintains JavaScript for front-end application. Opa is also a high-level language which includes both the client and the server part. Python and Ruby are also languages which can be used to develop server-side coding.
    • Database Technology

      Proper management of databases is also required for the proper development of a web application. Few database technologies are MySQL, Oracle, FileMaker, Firebird and many other are there for thedevelopment of a website.

    After the site is developed, it should be tested practically whether all the aspects of the website are working correctly or not. After testing the site accurately, it should be launched on the World Wide Web. The changes required can be done carefully so that the website does not face any serious problems after it is launched.


    While developing web pages, many security issues should also be taken into account. The checking of data while filling up the forms, proper encryption should be provided to prevent the use of the website by the malicious users and appropriate filtering of the output should be done. Unauthorized access to the databases of the websites leads to a dangerous situation.

    A lot of security issues are discovered in a website after it is launched in the market. The web developers should be concerned about the security of the site and must keep it up to date.

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