Test Automation

In order to get a produce faster, every enterprise needs to have a sound strategic approach. The endeavor should be the best in terms of quality, predictability, and test automation.

The independent testing services at In Sync ensure applications which are all set to be presented to the customers. We take care of all the potential risks and provide a delivery which is free from defect and is even quantifiable. The testing meets all the stern standards that are required to be fulfilled. There is always a high-end product which is of high quality, scalable and very consistent due to the superior governance that is offered along with our proprietary tools.

We are quick and improve user satisfaction providing the best test automation services.

At In Sync, we recognize that we are to keep our customers happy as they are the end users and the ultimate magistrate of the product and service.

Our enterprise is known to offer services with a dual approach such as from a technical point of view. This is also valid from the end user perspective. This ensures fulfilling the need of the business, as well as that of the consumer.

The services of In Sync included in test automation are:

Test consultation and the assessment of the quality assurance service.

  • Defining and building the company frameworks for test automation so that all the testing is automated in the business process.
  • Implementation of automation framework.
  • Management of the governance and the test program.
  • Shifting the test automation tools from one platform to the other.
  • Generation of scripted automated testing.
  • Keeping account of the test service which is managed.

Test automation for a specialized approach are:

  • Performance and engineering testing.
  • Modelers used: Validation of rules by the tester in a graphical or English-like format for the reduction of the test cycle.
  • Engines used: for the creation of test scripts at the click of the button, it is done to reduce the effort by up to 70%.
  • Libraries: enable the re-use of the functions, user actions which result in the reduced effort.
  • Web services and service-oriented architecture.

Adapters help in test automation for particular technology platforms only like Retek and SOA and SAP.

Digital and mobility testing.

Enterprise application testing.

Test automation removes the manual testing and increases regression testing. It also eliminates the risks associated with the human error.

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