Solution Architecture and Management

Business cannot be as systematic as made by Solution Architecture in the competitive world especially when your business is on the road to growth. The term may seem to be a bit complicated but, it is the combined effect of business architecture, application architecture, information architecture and technology architecture at thetactical level. Together they focus on the scope of any business problem and its span effect too. Solution Architecture is contrasting in effect to enterprise architecture and is explained as a description of any specific solution. It summarizes solution viewpoints from business, information, and technical and enterprise solution architecture to meet business requirements.

Function of Solution Architect and aim of Solution Architecture:

A solution architect produces solution and pathways depicting the evolution of a system from the state of initiation to the targeted state.

Solution Architecture is an IT system that supports a single business role or procedure of business function. It clearly specifies a system that is aimed to solve any specific problem or meet a given set of requirements.

Solution defines the business context and business data to be used, the application and technology platform components that are required and also whatever is needed to meet non-functional requirements like speed, availability, reliability recoverability, integrity, security, serviceability and likewise services.

Related to the solution is another product developed by SAP SE, a software company. It is an integrated platform that aims to assist users in adopting new developments, managing the application lifecycle and running of SAP solutions.

SAP Solution Manager and Solution Management:

It is a central support managing system provided to SAP customers that include a large number of installed SAP and non-SAP systems. The whole system is designed to reduce and centralize the management of these systems and also end-to-end business processes.

The integration of SAP and non-SAP systems in this single Solution Management software forms an important business and an IT platform as well.

Advantages of Solution Manager:

By adopting the Solution Manager, one lets the Implementation, Optimization and Operation of core business processes with the high-end software of solution.

  • It supports the entire end-to-end customer solution by change control, IT service management and robust monitoring and infrastructure.
  • It also provides simple interface and management dashboards.
  • It increases efficiency with the help of Operations control center, and critical operations support task.
  • It supports your business with business process modeling, reverse business process documentation, and its analysis.
  • It offers freedom to its customers who do not have SAP components.

Overall, both the IT solutions- Solution Architecture and Solution Management are adopted for smooth running of any business. They work on the core business process and the aim of thecompany to achieve the target of the business and succeed in the purpose.

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