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Security as a service is one of the most significant and crucial aspects to be taken care of in an enterprise.

Security information and event management service (SIEM) is an evolving area in today’s world. The threats of security are rising on an exponential scale with adding a sheer volume of threats with the passage of time and the advancements in technology. In order to counteract these threats, a lot of measures have been taken and has a very high demand. SIEM has gained such popularity because along with the security tools it also provides compliance with regulatory and also in the industrial sector standards.

The solutions provided by the SIEM alter the events which are mostly raw to fundamental information to aid the enterprise in simplification of the compliance, responding and identification of the high-risk activities and to equalise IT and network operations. With the SIEM into consideration, the IT operational risks can be managed efficiently providing all the needed awareness of the situation.

The data that is collected from the SIEM tools can be difficult to manage without the common, as the Information Technology sector is under constant pressure to demonstrate the worth of security investments.

This is exactly the scenario where a massive security technology tool the SIEM can provide the answer to all these problems. There is a requirement for appropriate staffing, security expertise and planning.

The SIEM architecture is considered as the best approach and is divided into three layers:

  • Common logging service
  • Correlation layer
  • Predictive analytics

This security architecture helps and protects an enterprise.

SIEM helps majorly in:

  • Neutralising attacks before they harm the business
  • Abidingby the instructions and guidelines of the government or with the industry specific regulations.
  • Taking proper advantage of the remote, mobile and other capabilities such as cloud-based.

Protection of network with the SIEM solution

There is a large amount of network visibility here as highly integrated services are offered like:

  • Sending alerts which are customised, depending on the threat level.
  • Using proper algorithms and quickly identifying the threat.
  • Real-time analysing the traffic of the network.

Other Benefits from security analysis

In accordance with the networking expertise, the services at In Sync have a world class security operations centre at its disposal. The potential vulnerabilities are identified and provided with the appropriate resources in order to get a strong service that too 24X7 with supervising the resource investment.

At In sync, we provide the following services under the domain of SIEM resource centre

  • Solution implementation
  • SIEM professional services
  • TSIEM to Qradar migration services
  • Application maintenance and support
  • Enterprise system management services
  • Networking management services
  • Microsoft office 365 migration

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