Social Media Marketing

In this day and age of increased use of social media for interaction, using this medium for marketing has become quite relevant. Social Media Marketing is one of the best ways to spread the word about a company’s products and services, as it works through an electronic word of mouth medium and as the publicity received is through the consumers’ sharing of information; it lacks any interference from the company and thus the third party verification adds to the product or service’s appeal. The consumer nowadays prefers personalized content that can be accessed from anywhere at any time.

It no longer matters if your company is a social media start-up or an experienced leader; In Sync’s policy of connecting your eCommerce store and CRM solution to ERP system would make your business more efficient and help you navigate the maze that is the digital world.

How does In Sync help?

We offer services that help your company with:

  • Simplification of operations
  • Designing innovative business models
  • Operating with efficiency and speed

The services we offer regarding Social Media Marketing are:

  • Careful ‘listening’ of the target audience’s needs
  • Focussed social media marketing and not a broad approach to the content presented; i.e., the content presented would be limited but would showcase what the consumer deems important
  • Quality trumps quantity. All the connections on the social media page would be verified for their authenticity.

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is business process management software that integrates all facets of an operation like product planning, conceptualization, manufacturing, sales and marketing.

We at In Sync will use the following software to attend to your needs:

  • AP Business One Integration
  • MS Dynamics NAV Integration
  • SAP ECC Integration

Using one platform to integrate all eCommerce business with ERP, In Sync lets you have a more focussed approach to social media marketing; giving you the right strikes at your audience.

Armed with the knowledge that is presented through the hits received from orders placed, customer information, etc. which is fed into the ERP system through the web sales channel; social media marketing will be revolutionised as this will enable you to target the audience depending upon their purchases, products previously viewed and so on.

The ERP system helps you in your social media marketing by decreasing the amount of manual data entry and occurrences of erroneous data, increasing the productivity of employees through less time spent crawling through customers’ searches, etc.

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