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Usage of smartphones is on the rise, and it is surely not going to come down any soon. The surge in smartphone sales is led by Google Android and Apple’s iPhone devices along with the Windows and Blackberry devices. The soaring numbers of smartphone users bring along with them highly sophisticated devices with better features that providean excellent opportunity for smartphone application development. A staggering number of 15+ billion apps have been downloaded from the Apple’s App Store. More than 500,000 apps and 400,000 apps have been created for iPhone and Android markets respectively. Following are the few reasons for every business wanting to have a smartphone application of its own,

  • Convenience,
  • Attract new customers,
  • Brand promotion,
  • Better customer service,
  • Create a new avenue for revenue from current customers,
  • Create a mobile marketplace.

We at In Sync, a leading smartphone application developmentcompany, are experts at HTML5 mobile development. Many well–established as well as upcoming businesses choose us for their high performance, robust and more importantly, customised smartphone application developmentneeds. The final product that we deliver will surely be secure, sustainable and scalable irrespective of its mobile environment. Therefore, it is recommended to have in mind the following guidelines to make a profitable and an effective smartphone application,

  • Make use of Device capabilities:

    Today’s smartphones have a wide variety of senses of their own like sight, touch, hearing, sense of location, etc. Hence, it is imperative for applications to make full usage of mobile’s capabilities. For example, photos can be appended with location using GPS; game applications use tilt sensors to navigate through the game.

  • Avoid loading applications with irrelevant information:

    Since it is not stress-free for customers to navigate through lots of information present on the app, care should be taken that users seeonlythe relevant information. The best way to do this is to guess the logical path that a user would take while using the application to provide better user experience. The end user typing should also be minimized to the bare minimum; techniques such as predictive text (Swype), auto filling geographic location using GPS, barcode scanning,etc. should be used.

  • Present on all platforms:

    There are only four maincompanies in thesmartphone platform market today, and all of them have to be targeted to reap maximum benefits from the smartphone user population. Modern software developer kits (SDKs) like UI WebView control and Objective-C can be used for this purpose.

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