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The quality of planning, implementation and the supervision of all the IT services that are offered by a company is known by the process called service level management. The service is required to find how the cost of the associated services of the IT companies and the needs of a customer are both compromised and cooperated in order to meet the requirements of both of them.

In Sync provides the service level management that firstly documents all the services that are offered by the IT companies and presents these services to the clients in the most beneficial way. They not only focus on the technology but the needs and demands of the customers and their business. The employees work with the customers personally with proper time in order to propose the IT services of the company in a realistic manner. They ensure an appropriate agreement between the customer and the supplier so that the necessary services are offered. The quality of such services and the satisfaction of the customer are seen and monitored by the employees such that they can be improved upon if required. In Sync then takes the responsibility to form the reports of the quality of these services and also the further plans to improve upon them. The company offers such service level management to its clients that can be beneficial.

The service level management offered by the In Sync ensures that the needs of the customers are met efficiently. They also communicate with the customers such that there is no gap, and the quality of the services is maintained to a high level. They plan and make an objective such that the responsibility of the customer as well as the IT companies who offer services are established. The customers accept the services that they find satisfying and precise rules are made such that there is no deterioration of the services in the future. The constant monitoring of the services is also done so that if any link is weak then it can be improved upon. Finally, there is a person at the Service Desk who does the work of documentation and makes reports for the proper agreements between the suppliers and the customers.

In the long term, such a management service proves to be advantageous to maintain the quality of services and forma proper agreement between the two parties.

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