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Everyone is aware of how the internet works but what few people know are the risks and threats involved. No matter what network you use in your company, security is an essential need. You need to make sure you have Security Network Protection from a trusted IT company. It is immaterial if you are a small sized company or a medium sized company – you have to ensure that your office network is secure enough to protect itself from greedy hackers and other internet threats.

Every company would have made sure that the network that they support is secure. But what you need to check is if the Security Network Protection that exists is good enough to handle surprise attacks of all scales. It could be a simple rename file virus or a deadly virus that erases your server’s data or worse still copies all your essential data and lets it out.

We at In Sync understand how much your privacy and security means to you and offer services that improve your network and data’s reliability and safety. We make sure that we prevent the threat from entering your network and also from spreading in your network.

Our services

Our Security Network Protection services make sure that we protect you against a wide variety of threats like all viruses, worms and Trojan horses, spyware, adware, hackers who are trying to attack your network, identity theft of your customers and their credit card details, any kind of attack on your data and also the most deadly zero – hour attacks.

We also understand that a single solution does not work for everyone. We have the policy of providing multiple layers of Security Network Protection. It is designed in such a way that the first layer should be strong enough to protect it from all threats. But even in the worst case, if that layer fails there will be other layers to protect your network. We also offer services for security both at the software and hardware levels. We make sure that you are always updated, and your Security Network Protection is fail-proof.

Our Security Network Protection generally includes a good anti-virus and anti-spyware software. We make sure we get you the best in the market. We also set up a strong firewall to make sure no one from outside your company gets into your IT network. We also provide Intrusion prevention systems (IPS) to deal with more severe attacks like the zero – hour attacks. We also provide Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) to make sure your identity is safe on the internet through remote access.

With our Security Network Protection, your company will stay safe from any harm that might come its way and secure you and your customers. We know how important IT is to you, and we make sure what’s yours stays yours.

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