Security Network Intrusion Prevention System

In sync has excellent Intrusion prevention system (IPS). In sync’s IPS latches on to the network and prevents the threat. It can be integrated in-line with the network for optimum operation.

It is an extension of Intrusion Detection System (IDS) which only detects anomalies and threats, whereas IPS has the technology to eliminate it. IPS technology protects the network from both the known and unknown threats, blocks the attacks that otherwise take advantage of network vulnerabilities.

IPS works by identifying malicious activity through predefined and custom signatures, taking the log of information about the activity, and then if required, takes action to block it, and report it. This happens through a variety of security measures as listed below:

  • Automatically compares with previous threat and takes the necessary threat with defined signature.
  • Monitors the network and detects malicious activity and relays the anomaly to the administrator.
  • Relays protocol and definition breach or deviation by thorough analysis.

IPS just does not detect as stated above but also prevents the malicious activity. They can be place in line with the network and eliminate (or report) the detected threat.

  • Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) can set off alarms.
  • Block traffic from the defected IP.
  • Reset connection between unpatched systems.
  • Dropping the malicious packet.
  • Creates IPS signature to monitor and understand traffics.

In addition to this, IPS can also defragment packet streams, remove unwanted transport and network layer. Thereby the combination of known and unknown threat prevention, plus tight integration with other network security technologies, enables In Sync IPS to stop attacks regardless of whether your network is wired or wireless, a partner extra-net, or connected to an office branch.

It provides smooth functionality by flawlessly detection, locating, quarantining or containing and removing (or reporting) imminent threat. Intrusion Prevention System has the state-of-art sensing technology that has the ability to acquire traces of the attack, find the source, remove access to the network to the attack origin, resists penetration and prevents future threats using the attack evidence and reaction protocol implemented.

The Intrusion Prevention System, having in-line integration with the network architecture; it can be used to monitor the specific area of importance. IPS makes use of multiple simultaneous actions to a threat using multiple response technologies instead of one technology which may fail to contain the attack. The simultaneous approach saves time than a sequential approach which just employs responses one after the other.

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