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The malicious software also called as malware is a threat and disruption to the existing business platforms. It has the capability to collect confidential and sensitive information about the company. Malware can be application specific, or it can disrupt the whole computer network.

Why does malware enter the company?

There could be many reasons through which the malware enters the company’s main frame network.

  • Security flaws in the software used.

    The security bugs or vulnerabilities during the design are the loop holes for the attack of malware. They store data in the buffer and access files and folder as instructed by the attacker.

  • User error or faulty design

    Attackers usually trick the users when the use an external storage device. They make them perceive as a bootable device, and unintentionally the user installs them in their gadgets and the malware enter into the network.

  • Exceptional and over privileged users and applications

    Over privileged applications are those whose access grant for modification of the system application is much more than any other application. Some of the application can access all the rights when the application is run by the user. When malware is hidden and embedded in it, it can cause serious problems.

  • Networking

When many computers are connected to a single network and the access of the modification is also granted to all, then an infection of malware in one system can cause the entire network to go down.

How can we help?

In sync helps to overcome the malware problems by providing the best malware security protection. In sync deploys the following strategies to curb the malware problem:

  • Anti-malware and anti-virus software

    Our software is specifically designed for the targeted application as well as for the whole network. These are designed to penetrate into the kernel of the OS to keep pace with the computer and to detect any malware as soon as it enters.

  • Web security scans

    In sync helps to monitor the download and upload data and files constantly. Any deviation from the normal routine is detected by the in sync and instantly terminated. Security scans are run in the background to monitor the entry of the malware

  • Parallel networks

    An option which is used by big giants to protect their secret is “air gap.” This strategy is used when highly classified information has to be kept safely from the attacks of the malware. All the computers are disconnected from the external network so as to maintain safety.

In sync combines all the strategy employed till now and gives a package of all so as to protect and boost your business and protect them from external invaders.

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