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When we use various search engines, we realize that there are two types of links that appear – the free links and the paid links. The paid links appear right below the search engine and to the right-hand side of the screen. The free links appear to the rest of the page.

While most of us would prefer clicking on the free links as we would be browsing to find some particular content, there are some people who specifically click on the paid links. Statistics shows that the percentage of clicks is about one-third of the total clicks. Therefore, this can be used to get quality traffic to a company's website. We at In Sync can help you use these tools to improve your business.

The main benefits of using paid search marketing are:

  • Great Targeting: Helps you reach a better target audience
  • Lesser Wastage: Using the right keywords, you can ensure that your ads appear only when necessary
  • Speed: These listings appear faster than regular SEO
  • Control: It is easier to achieve a higher rank and get direct visitors to the website
  • Predictability: The costs, rankings, and returns tend to be more stable
  • High conversion rates: This form has a higher conversion rate when compared to traditional SEO
  • Branding effect: Branding effect created with PayPerClick generates awareness and is useful in the long run
  • How In Sync can help you establish paid search marketing

Though there are lots of tools available on the market such as Google AdWords, Bing AdWords, etc. which can be used to establish paid search marketing, the efficiency of the process would be less. Our team of professionals have been working with various companies and have established their online portfolio and also ensured that it is flourishing.

We cater to each client of ours and understand their particular line of business and then do extensive surveys on the right keywords to use for their campaign. By using the right keywords and using some tricks that we have learned over the years, we ensure that your campaign to get quality clicks is a success.

We ensure a very high conversion rate and will be continuously monitoring the entire process. By monitoring it constantly, we can see the gradual increase in the brand value of the product and see the portfolio of our client grow. The list of our clients have been put up on our website, before considering working with us, you may talk to them to hear about our top notch work. They will definitely give only positive reviews.

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