InSync provides help with the Open Source Technologies

Open Source Technology is one of the most misunderstood terms of the modern age. Most people think that any technology that is open source would mean it is free of cost but rather it means that the source code of the particular program is available to the developers and users to view and modify it. Linux is an example of an open source server system that is safe and secure but still available to the users whereas MySQL, Theora and Asterisk are few open source technologies.

Services and Consultations

At In Sync, the users and developers can get services and consultations based on any open source technology for business, government, and non-profitable organizations. They help to provide the biggest advantage of an open source that is, customizing the programs as per the requirements of the user. Some of the services provided by In Sync include:

  • Management of the Open Source- If a company’s open source technology is available to others, then it can be analyzed and evaluated for one’s own benefits. The consultation would provide one way to start the open source business management.
  • Building new strategies – The consultants help the developers to enhance their business by customizing the open source technologies and methods as per the requirements of the user.
  • Consultation for Governance- With the help of the consultants at the In Sync the practices used for governing the open source technologies can be administered and evaluated. This would further help to manage the policies used for maintaining this software.
  • Internal sources- Proper consultation and other services for implementing them would help to enable the adoption of such an open source and also methods to develop them. These implementations can be done within the internal organizations based on software development itself.
  • Interface- The consultants also help to provide a very creative and innovative idea for the design of the software and search engine optimization.

Why choose In Sync?

The methods and solutions provided by the In Sync reduce the overhead charges for deployment and maintenance. The employees can thus help to enhance the existing technologies in the company. The consultants are experienced and have helped the technology suppliers as well as various IT organizations by providing pragmatic and innovative solutions to make sure that the clients are satisfied and get success in long term.

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