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With the advent of IT companies, the increase in the infrastructure facilities is on the rise. IT companies are in a dire need of greater and better infrastructure facilities and they depend more and more on the external sources to meet their ever growing needs. Maintaining and improving the infrastructure needs to be constantly monitored in order to provide better services than others.

The Network solutions are the need of the hour and are the main driving force behind these IT services. It gives a platform to connect the application with customers, employees, and partners. It enables to quickly connect with them efficiently and promptly.

What we offer?

Being an IT services company, Insync provides the network solutions to all. Insync works on the three main features:

  • Connect – refers to Insync’s strategy to connect to all the possible networks and services like DC Network, integration and optimization of the WAN and WLAN networks, etc.
  • Collaborate – unification of communication systems to improve collaborations with various workspaces.
  • Manage – With the network issues on the rise, managing is also an important part that cannot be ignored. Insyc gives a special notice to the managing part to ensure all systems work properly and as they should.

The main reasons for companies shifting to network solutions are:

  • It helps to reduction of costs and enabling further investment in other areas
  • Achieving reduced cost of implementation and managing
  • Reducing support cost
  • Reducing the TCO cost


  • General Network Solutions – like setting up, maintenance and optimization of LAN, WAN, WLAN, etc.
  • Web Hosting Services – to make your website accessible across the globe irrespective if you are a small, medium or a well-established company.
  • Intranet Solutions – for an internal system of collaboration, content management, etc.
  • Network Audit Service – do you want to know the loopholes in your network? We can help you to figure those out, provide recommendations and how to avoid them in the future.
  • Network Migration and Virtualization – virtualization is converting your hardware and software network processes into a virtual, software-only process. We will help you not only with the implementation of a virtual network, but also with the phased-migration.

Insyc also provides the VoIP management for better feasibility and flexibility of the network. The bandwidth and the data traffic are all monitored and are switched according to the requirement and needs to better service the clients and customers.

For better performance and enhancement of the market, network solutions by the Insyc team give a better success graph to the company.

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