Network Audit Service

Be it in your business undertakings or in the organizational and corporational ambience, or even in the very basic cellular monitoring, there exists a fundamental requirement for the supervision of networks and ensurance of tight security. The auditing of networks is a challenging task, given the numerous types of devices spread over the multifarious sections of the society. Hence to your rescue comes the Network Audit Service that our IT Company, Insync provides.

The basic Network security services that we provide are:

  • Forensic Analysis – An examination of the devices, servers and workstations used by our clients is conducted to discover any suspicious and malicious activity.
  • Window and AD Security Assessment – This deals with the full management of security and system configuration. Technical verification is also a part of this assessment.
  • Wireless Assessment – Whether or not the wireless network faces vulnerabilities is determined by the assessment of the wireless networks.

The other services that we chiefly provide in relation to Network auditing are as follows:

  • For the purpose of gathering data on the system, we provide both manual and automatic techniques. We relieve our customers from the tedious work of spending hours on network auditing by providing an Automated Network Configuration and Management Software that detects and reports network compliances and policy violation.
  • Threats and vulnerabilities would be identified and a formal audit report would be sent to the network administrators. Also, any configuration change will be notified to the administrator.
  • Your data in the systems can be accurately maintained since we update the device details from time to time.
  • All the nodes of the network will be reviewed and the Network Configuration Management would do its part of updating the database. The identification and approval of changes become easy with any addition, deletion or edition in the configuration lines gets highlighted.
  • There is an automatic discovery that also maps the network devices.
  • Network visibility is enhanced with automatic capacity planning
  • Display of response time, availability, and performance of network devices.
  • Assessment of highly secure infrastructure and the provision of alerts and reports.
  • We list out firstly the objectives that our clients wish for in the functioning of the system. We compare their expectations to the present performance level of the system and then fill in the gaps that need to be filled for the success of the business’s functioning. This is the gap analysis we do slowly, node wise.
  • We regulate the sections of the area that the network encompasses. We also provide to our customers a draft of the available routes of access to the network as well as the types of devices and protocols that are being used on the network.
  • We strictly review the risk causing factors associated with the device in order to improve protection.
  • We review devices that have access to it.
  • We adopt several Protector Mechanisms and software to check if any potential passageway is available for entry from outside the network area.

With the boom in the field of technology and communications over the span of decades, the modern risks of transgressions and insecurity have also creeped in. By making use of high-tech techniques for intrusion detection, network vulnerability assessment, modem identification and testing, wireless security check and other approaches we, at In Sync try to build the quality of the Network Audit Services.

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