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What is it?

The world where DIY method is the thing that is believed in, Liferay written in Java is an open source enterprise portal that is available for free under optional commercial license. It is a web platform that has readily available features for the development of websites and web portals. It is also considered as a web application framework or content management framework. It includes an indigenously built-in web content management system that allows the users to build websites in an assembly of portlets or gadgets, themes, pages and a common navigation system.

Liferay also supports Liferay Social Office, Liferay Enterprise Connectivity Apps, Liferay Sync, Liferay AlloyUI and Liferay Marketplace. The best feature of Liferay that makes it user-friendly is the high-end technology applied interface for developers that need no special programming skills for its installation and administration.

It can run on any computing platform that is capable of running the Java Runtime Environment and an application server. The application is available in combination with a servlet container like Apache Tomcat.

Why use Liferay?

  • Liferay is designed for scalability and high performance, reliable performance not only in premises but also in the cloud. By the application of this service to your web portal, we give you a better and simplified interface that is upgraded to version as well.
  • Liferay is software that supports multiple methods to integrate. These include SOAP, REST, RSS and API’s. It works as a central presentation layer platform that lets the user, administrator and developers to bring together content from backend.
  • The correct balance of usability, practical functionality and innovation Liferay is a portal that is applied for getting highly sophisticated results to a website in addition to it; it is highly secured, stable and reliable.

What we offer

Insync offers application of Liferay to your website upgrading. With the detailed explanation of the product and its service, there is a lot more that can be experienced with the use of this high-end portal.

  • Our advanced updated experts know the precise application of this portal that serves rightly to the clients.
  • The portal extends its facilities to fulfill needs of developers as well as business and our presence let the inclusion of the services of it to all.
  • Our vigilant and updated presence let the clients get benefitted of the latest applications and versions of the facilities that can help a lot in their business.

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