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The term intranet holds a different meaning than internet. It is basically a computer network that uses the protocol (internet) technology to transfer or share Information between the operating systems or services within an organization.

Intranet though different from internet uses its protocol to function. Transmission Control Protocol or TCP/IP is the basic protocol that is used for the transmission of the information. To make it user friendly Intranet solutions utilize web pages using languages like HTML, JAVA flash, XML.

Mid size organizations generally prefer intranet solutions. These hold preferences because:

  • They include detail information about the company’s products and services.
  • Security is one of the prime concerns for adopting these solutions as, only employees, of a particular organization, can log into this service for successful access to sensitive information.
  • They provide efficient product management.
  • Effective customer relationship can be maintained.
  • Many benefits such as proper and confidential meetings regarding improvements in certain policies, goods, etc. can be performed.
  • Easy communication and access promote effective work culture.
  • No need to buy end to end equipment. The only requirement for an Intranet solution is a web server to host it. For example, Apache.
  • An information sharing platform can be created using Digital Web Magazine.

What Insync offers

An intranet roadmap is created depending on the organization size. This is done by a particular team. Budget information regarding web servers, content management system, application development, maintenance, etc. are kept in mind while developing intranet solution architecture.

Usually for a midsized company have business partners residing at remote locations. Hence, they prefer the use of local area network (LAN).

Our intranet solution ideas is far more accessible as even if the customer belongs to a developing company or a small company and cannot afford to include a high budget for the project, we can make a simple PC desktop into a webserver. Basic web pages can be created by using simple HTML, practically with no extra budget.

We also provide numerous enhanced intranet features like:

  • Addition of CMS permissions so that the company’s people can also contribute information whereas control settings help us to govern the homepage, content settings, etc. with the inclusion of certain settings like “mandatory read” that ensures that the critical information is accessed by all.
  • To make our intranet solution more user friendly, we provide the ease to build any workflow forum within a matter of minutes. These forums can further be linked to third party databases too for certain requirements.
  • To increase employee participation, we include the feature of collaborating different teams for better involvement.

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