Implementation and training support

A proper implementation is an important success factor for all development projects. Expert knowledge for implementation and guidance is essential for a smooth functioning of your systems and software. Poor design specifications, poor administration and poor coder integration, all contribute to implementation disasters, but thesefailures can be prevented.

In Sync provides you with a total solution, from setup and implementation to training and beyond. Our dedicated team constantly assists you to get the most value from your systems and software. For such services, we provide highly skilled, professional and passionateimplementation consultants and trainers. Our establishedtacticsallow your office to familiarize and understand the workflow of each area of your solution so you can see instantaneous advantages—from improved revenue management to access toother business decision support.With a team of knowledgeable project managers that can maximize programming resources, detect bottlenecks before they influence your delivery schedule and provide expert technical support. You pay only for what you need, and you get high-quality experts with proven track records.

In Sync provides the following Systems Implementation Services:

  • Implementation Project Management
  • System Infrastructure implementation
  • Database Implementation
  • Application coding

We use methods like PERT or CPM and latest management tools for better project management.

It is a known fact that the best way to learn something is by having hands-on experience at it. In Sync offers a combination of training, assignments, follow-up and support to take you and your team through each level of training until you feel confident in your skills and ability to use your solution effectively. Training manuals are given during the initial training visit, and electronic copies are obtainable for on-going user training. In addition, end-users also have theright to use to scenario-based training, demonstrations and interactive tutorials that allowyour staff to be trained when it fits your time and budget. We also regularly conductwebinar training sessions for particularproducts in order to reinforce what has been learned and to provide more advanced assistances when requested. Our online help is always at the disposal of users to provide them support. Also, on-site support can be provided so that it can help you learn in your real-world environment.The support staff is ever ready to deliver and respond to your queries or other technical support questions so that your organization can function efficiently.

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