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The trend is changing and will change the future notions of selling the product. There is no need for you to sell the product and do the marketing for the same. The new platform created by eBay helps you to sell your product by a professional in this field.

One can auction their product on eBay’s seller using the “sell your item” form. For this eBay has dedicatedly released out a customization of the form – “Listing Designer Feature.” Many third party clients have plunged into this market to create eBay auction listings.

It offers easy selling of your product. No need to sell your products and ship them separately to the customer. Just drop the items listed and e-Bay takes care after that.

Valet and professionals take care of the selling part of your product on eBay, and you can just relax and can easily track the status of your product. The professional or the valet gets only 20% of the profit and rest is all yours.

Selling a product through eBay auction listing becomes as simple as that. You can sell electronics, designer handbags and shoes, sporting goods, kitchen appliances, musical instruments and automotive parts. Items like clothing, broken or torn items, fragile items, CD’s and DVD’s, and high valued items like jewellery and art is not allowed in eBay listing.

In sync provides services for software and listing creation services. In sync helps to create complex and sophisticated listings than the eBay’s listing designer.

The limitations of eBay listing services are many. Few of them are:

  • Listing creation at eBay is only free for the standard listing using text.
  • eBay allows you to upload only one photo. An extra comes with a fee.
  • Listing Designer background themes come with the extra cost.
  • There is not much customization available to make on eBay
  • There is not much formatting and flexibility is available in eBay’s listing services

In sync gives a better customization, flexibility, formatting and background themes. On eBay, there are many restrictions that need to be followed and practically it is not for free. So many opt for third party eBay listing services.

Advantages of using In sync eBay listing services:

  • Choose among thousands of pre-designed themes
  • You can code HTML for customization and personalisation
  • Image hosting and delayed scheduling feature
  • Auction listing as per your need and format accordingly
  • Image management and auction tracking facility

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