E-Commerce Maintenance

Retail e-commerce market is booming globally; it accounted for 5.9% or $1.3 trillion of the total retail market worldwide in 2014 and is estimated to grow to 8.8% or $ 2.5 trillion by the end of 2018. Though retail e-commerce accounts only a fraction of the in–store purchases, it is only destined to grow in the future with increasing penetration of theinternet globally. E-commerce sites have lots of information regarding various things which have to be regularly updated to give the customers a good experience and to avoid your site from getting lost among various other websites. Websites should be maintained in a prompt manner, failing to do so could result in losing potential customers and could cost you more than you know. E-commerce maintenance can be done on a do-it-yourself basis, but if you have a busy website then it is highly commended that you hire an experienced professional or an agency to care of the specifics that are involved.

We at In Sync provide top quality service and maintenance from the instant your website is launched. We make sure that the customers of your site are consistently provided with original, latest and relevant content. There are numerous things that have to be taken care of in e-commerce maintenance; there could be issues that need our attention monthly or annually. Nonetheless, it would be beneficial if everything is checked and regularly maintained. The following are the few points that an e-commerce website has to pay close attention to frequently.

Updating and refreshing:

Many different things regarding products regularly keep changing; hence it is crucial to make changes to the content on the website as soon as they become relevant. For many manufacturers operating costs frequently fluctuate and so does the price of a product. It is significant to check for updates in price on a more regular basis like every month rather than checking them quarterly or annually. Some of the other details that need updating on a frequent basis are,

  • Product changes,
  • Part number changes,
  • Product description changes,
  • Discontinued products
  • .

Checkout process:

For an e-commerce website, smooth and trouble–free checkout process is necessary to convert customers’ interests into sales and to avoid cart abandonment. Though this process comes under Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), it should be given due attention by the e-commerce maintenance professionals. To ensure that the website has a smooth checkout process, at least one test order has to be placed on the website every fortnight.

Check for broken links:

Programmers and webmasters modify the e-commerce website code almost on a daily basis to stay ahead of the competition. In trying to update or fix some parts of thesite like create temporary pages or splash pages, the other parts might get broken unknowingly. Broken links not only drive away customers from your website, but your search engine rankings also get affected because of them. Google Webmaster is a free tool available that helps you check broken links on your e-commerce site.

Policy Review:

Reviewing your e-commerce website’s policy page is crucial; you would only want the information to be present there that actually reflects your business’s practices and procedures. Since the policy page of a website does not see a lot of traffic, businesses tend to forget about it but it must be ensured that whenever the organization goes through procedural changes the same has to be updated on the website.

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