Digital Marketing

All promotional strategies that make use of electronic equipment come under Digital Marketing. The contents are constantly monitored by the digital marketers for the promotion. It includes internet marketing strategies like SEO, SEM, etc. as well as non-internet one such as SMS, MMS, eBooks, on-hold mobile ringtones, games, etc.

Achieving the online goals for many companies such as increasing the number of potential customers and strengthening the relationship with the older ones is easy with digital marketing. In this competitive sphere, it's mandatory for a company to hold a place online. Since most of your target audience is online, it makes sense for you to be online as well.

With In sync, you get a one-stop solution shop for all your problems. We offer the following digital marketing services:

SEO Consulting Services

With the SEO consulting services, you will get the benefit in search results, page optimization, long history ranking and link development strategy. In sync covers all the points necessary for your outgrow in SEO services like development of an SEO strategy to SEO audits to a getting higher page ranking.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media sites promotion is a very efficient way to magnify the revenue and gain popularity. For relatively small business and start ups, Social Media Marketing is a benchmark to highlight them in this competitive atmosphere. In Sync lets you have new tactics to boost the sales such as fresh content on social media to boost audience interactions, etc.

Paid Search Marketing

It allows the increased visibility of your product to a new scale. It is an efficient way of getting maximum profit from your website each time the link is clicked. With In Sync, you get a dedicated account manager who will ensure the clicks turn into customers. We also provide monthly reports so you know our strategies are working.

Reputation Management

Reputation Management involves the active supervising and handling of the people's review about your company and services. Promotion of the company name, products via the positive comments are some of the task involved in Reputation Management and that's actually online reputation Managers do handling all the negative feedback from customers. In sync let our clients use the SEO tactics in order to facilitate the reputation management affectively.

Our digital marketing strategy is based on three prongs:

  • What do you want to achieve,
  • Who is the target audience you are trying to reach, and
  • What are your values

After understanding the answer to these questions, Insync’s team comes up with a customized marketing strategy.

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