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Outsourcing one’s work is a very lucrative idea in itself, along with saving money and resources, it reduces great deal of stress out of any organization. Customer service is considered as a significant differentiator of one’s business in the global market with companies across industries facing cut throat competition. Companies are in need of anoutsourcing organization that can deliver cutting edge customer service solutions to their clients. Purging out the customer service cut down the overheads significantly, but as the customers are supposed to interact directly with the organization it becomes more than important to provide one’s customer all the necessary assistance as a shabby service may lead to easy exodus of one’s customers.

In recent time,Customer Service outsourcing has garnered immense attention among thevarious organization. With potential pressures due to economic inflation, companies these days are concentrating on their inner competencies. Companies also realize the significance of raising the bar of the customer service experience at every point so as to remain relevant, build lasting relationships with their clients, increase customer inclination and develop brand advocates. Customer Service outsourcing helps in improving customer’s satisfaction levels at reduced costs, as companies are supposed to nurture and manage theirs in-house capabilities, and can instead employ the services of outsourcing specialists.

Various Methods of Customer Service

  • Email: Email support is considered as one of the most secure tools for outsourcing your Customer Service. As many clients generally don’t expect an instant turnaround, and 24 hours is the current industry standard window time. This window provides ample amount of time to research any needed issues and respond to the customers’ questions. Moreover interacting with customers through Email eliminates one of the most common consumer complaints about outsourced customer service – problem in understanding the representative or being understood.
  • Social Media: Many businesses are handling their customer service issues and concerns on Twitter or Facebook and other social media platform. Any of customer’s queries can be easily resolved with just a quick response, making Twitter’s 140-character messages an idle way to reciprocate.
  • Freelance Site: Working with freelance customer service reps works very well for theorganization in case the organization doesn’t require too much manpower.

In Sync leverages its deeply ingrafted expertise in customer service functions, a standard talent pool and incisive focus on performance excellence to help our clients ‘expand their enterprise’. In Sync provides customer service outsourcing solutions by tying-up with many companies so as to provide its clients with the experience, augmented customer engagement and revenues and a significant competitive advantage.Services under the hoods,

  • Customer Service
  • Customer Complaint Resolution
  • Sales (Cross-sell / Up-sell)
  • Loyalty Program Management
  • B2B and B2C Collection
  • HR Support
  • Computer Aided Telephonic Interviews (CATI)
  • Technical Helpdesk
  • Specialty Helpdesk
  • Customer Care Analytics
  • Social Customer Service

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