Custom Software Development

An abstract view shows that there are majorly three sub-division of software domain in which any organization using IT service is likely to fall, Free/Open Source Software, Commercial Off the shelf Software and Custom/Be-Spoke/Tailor-made Software. While the former two targets the mass market, Custom Software are organization’s requirement specific. The development cycle of any Custom Software involves many stages of processing primarily to chalk out and remove irrelevant issues and also to include some which are not mentioned in the System Requirement Specification, for the sake of maintaining the effective functionality.

Though often considered expensive from the point of view of the management when compared to its peers, developers believe that Custom Software Development ideology and methodology are required for correctly analyzing the requirements of the former two. Moreover COTS comes with humongous license cost which often runs up to some millions dollars, this narrows down the customers only to corporates giants and consequently the service options available to the consumers. Custom Software Development lays stress only on highlighting specific functionality there by making its development more and more Agile and less prone to error thereby decreasing the development cost to a certain extent.

Some Key Aspects.

  • COTS and Free Software have very less time to market.
  • Size and Implementation: As COTS and Free Software undergoes a lot of business processing standardization Custom Software become very lucrative as option in terms of maintaining cost-efficiency.
  • Escalates Agile Development: Agile Development or Rapid Development are considered as the most efficient methodology of developing software and Custom Software Development implements it.
  • Robust and Scalability:As the organization grows so does their services and requirement, Custom Software are built with future scalability prospective.

Custom Software at In Sync.

Any Custom Software’s effectiveness solely depends upon its scalability and robustness. Our experienced and dedicated team provide comprehensive and robust services to our customers. From requirement analysis to development and deployment of the Tailor-Made application, at In Sync we do it all.We leverage latest cutting edge technologies for developing both standalone desktop application to web application, our skilled developers make use of standard database tools along with apt testing of the application moreover we also provide proper support system to our clients. With our primary aim being to achieve the targets fast and maintain cost efficiency, our highly qualified software engineers works monotonously in providing the best possible software solution to our clients.

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