Cloud Security

Along with the facility, syncing and efficiency provided by any technological innovation it also poses a security threat by the same to the intellectual property and in turn the business. Cloud computing and infrastructure is not untouched by this threat and no doubt, the solution is also in hand. Cloud Security is one of the important features provided by Insync, a cloud offering company, to its clients.

Understanding it better:

Cloud Security refers to the set of policies, measures, technologies and controls employed to protect data and applications along with the associated infrastructure of Cloud Computing.

The securities concerning to cloud computing fall into two broad categories:

  • Security issues faced by the cloud provider organizations that provide software, platform and infrastructure in the concerned area.
  • Security issues faced by the customers (who store data on the cloud) of the cloud providing organizations.

The security measures need to be adopted by both the parties on their ends to serve the same purpose of both the parties.

According to a recent report by Cloud Security Alliance, data on the cloud is also under threat by the insider attacks. These insider attacks are not less disastrous in fact; they are at the third rank to pose biggest threat to the security of data.

Cloud Security Controls:

The threats that pose a threat to cloud computing are recognized, and cloud controls are put in place to get hold of these threats. Here are some types of Cloud controls:

  • Deterrent Controls: This is like any burglar alarm that informs about the attacks and warns against the unlikely consequences.
  • Preventive Controls: This is like strong fencing of the data that is highly protected by passwords and authentication measures for cloud users.
  • Detective Controls: These controls are designed to detect as well as react as per the attack imposed to the cloud.
  • Corrective Controls: These controls normally reduce the damage imposed by the attacks.

Many Cloud Computing providers store data of more than one customer on the same server to reduce their costs and to conserve resources and maintain efficiency. To prevent such threats

imposed deliberately by the cloud providers it is recommended to ensure complete data isolation and data storage segregation.

Cloud Security has many threats imposed upon it but, safety measures adopted by both the ends i.e. Insync and our clients keep the data secured and maintain its safety.

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