Cloud Advisory Services

In Sync is an IT company that offers to you cloud advisory services that would help you to transform your business into the cloud. The employees have the experience and the expertise to help the businessmen and entrepreneurs to convert their business and achieve their outcome by using the latest technology of cloud computing.

The cloud advisory services help in different stages of this transformation that will help a businessman to avoid the pitfall and implement cloud computing technology in the best way possible. We help to use the public, private and also the hybrid cloud services and also make all the information in them secure and protected.

We organize surveys for your organization and find out which workload can be moved to the cloud. The cloud advisories that you have hired would then judge on the basis of the information whether a private, public or a hybrid cloud is required for the company

The consultants of In Sync would provide:

  • Plans for the cloud: We would assess the cloud and provide a road map of the cloud. Also, we would tell the elements of the cloud that should be put first and thus implement a cloud technology.
  • Evaluation of the cloud: After feeding the information, the consultants would make sure that the cloud advisory service has been done properly. If not, we will try other cloud models that would fit the company. This would help in short as well as long term business.
  • Execution: Finally, to complete their work, we would make sure that the cloud executes in the expected manner such that it can produce the required outcome.

Other services that are provided by the cloud advisories are:

  • IT based service: One type of cloud advisory service includes the growth of the IT infrastructure based on business goals and provide a pathway to get a hybrid enterprise vision.
  • Data Services: the cloud advisories at the In Sync help their customers to build up a new strategy for their data center. This would help in the growth of business and meet all the needs of the technological aspects of the organization.

Our experts at the In Sync provide advices that are cost effective and make efficient use of the cloud technology. We help the clients develop their business and also build confidence in their clients for the migration of their organization from a general to a cloud one.

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