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Application Development is marked as one of the most prominent IT Services. Application Development along with Application Maintenance is a part of IT that lays its stress upon working with the business logic of an organization so as to develop new software, keep it alive i.e. keep it running and make ongoing improvements as per the business logic modification of the particular group. Application Development involves business strategists and software developers to connect with executives on the business side to understand their requirements for new and present applications. In most companies, ADM (Application Development and Maintenance) teams are organized around application areas (for example, customer relationship management) rather than business functions.

These days Application Development strictly follows ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) protocols. ITIL is a framework or set of practices which primarily focuses on fabricating IT services and business requirement. ITIL defines methodology, tasks, and checklists which are not specific to a particular organization, but can be implemented by any organization for establishing integration with the organization's plans, delivering value, and maintaining a minimum level of competency. It helps the organization to build afoundationfrom which it can plan, implement, and measure. It is used to validate compliance and to measure improvements.

Depending upon the organization’s specification and requirements,applications can be subdivided into varied types like:

  • An Application suite: Involving multiple applications bundled together.
  • Enterprise Software: Addresses the needsof theentireorganization and manages the data flow betweenseveral departments.
  • Information Workers: Aims mainly to help an individual to create and maintain information.
  • Simulation Software: Simulates physical or abstract systems for either research training or entertainment purposes.
  • Mobile Development software: Specifically built for mobile devices, though the end usage is no different.

An apt solution forApplication Development spans following characteristics:

  • Bespoke Application Software isdeveloped with the perspective of robustness.
  • EPR, CRM are used as standard Application Deployment.
  • Assurance about the performance and Testingso as to improve reliability and to reduce long-term maintenance costs by application improvements during development.
  • Following Offshore/Onsite models for cost control.

In Sync has a full-proof application development and deployment model which ensures that our customers get a precise project scope, detailed requirement gathering and analysis, robust system architecture, optimized coding, right testing and secure implementation and maintenance. At In Sync, we offer end-to-end collaboration for enterprise and e-business application development with technology-leading tools for each step of the process – from requirements definition to deployment and testing. Our highly dedicated and technical team uses the latest technology and methodology to build bespoke applications designed primarily around client needs, budgetary limitations, and existing infrastructure.

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