Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services provide building blocks that can be assembled quickly to support any workload. These can also be adjusted as and when you need them, without any extra cost or upfront commitment, and only paying for what is being used.

Irrespective of for whom the application is being built, whether it is for colleagues, consumers, E-commerce or Enterprise Support,Amazon Web Services will do the job for you. You will have a wide range of services which can be used together to build sophisticated, scalable applications for clients. Since it is delivered on the Internet, clients will have access to a very wide variety of features such as High Capacity Storage (Amazon Glacier, Amazon S3), Low cost Computing (Amazon EC2), High Performance Databases (Amazon RDS, Amazon ElastiCache) along with tools to manage all these resources. All these are available without any upfront costs, and the customers would only have to pay for what they use.

Suppose the user wants to build a Database Application, where high availability and low cost is of primary importance. The user can use Amazon Web Services to store the relevantdocuments, and the storage services can store up to 11 lines of durability. The application can be powered by using any of the Relational or Non-Relational Databases available at the Amazon Web Services. The user will have reliable and secure databases up and running within minutes across many geographically isolated locations for redundancy and availability. The application can then be deployed using the tools and language which the user is already familiar with such as Eclipse, Visual Studio, Python, Java, etc. This can be done with either full root access or with limited access using various services which are available in the AWS marketplace.

There are a lot of computational resources to go along with the application with support for I/O, Storage and CPU Intensive Workload. Thus, it makes experimentation easier, allowing access to a wide range of hardware configurations, along with the flexibility to evaluate results and possibly run any of the technology or tool available on the market. This aids in allowing the user's infrastructure to grow or shrink, as the needs change. There are domain name services and global content delivery networks that automate everything along with a full range of SDK networks.

Working with data makes use ofaccessible tools. There are very simple tools to import, export, integrate, manage Hadoop clusters, petabyte-scale data warehousing, archiving frequently accessed information, federated identity and build compliant secure environments which integrate into your existing infrastructure via private dedicated connectivity. Not just this, there are a lot of security and firewall features along with a dedicated cloud platform. Thus, Amazon Web Services provide the tools and technologies to create a sophisticated application for varying purposes. They reinvent the way people work with IT.

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