Sharepoint, a web application platform, can be used by organizations to create a website. This framework offers a number of tools which can be used for providing in document and content management, integrating intranet and social network. Apart from that, the Sharepoint also provides many processes and workflow capabilities. The service it provides is very useful for the mid-sized business and also for large departments.

Application of Sharepoint

This web application platform has many uses which include:

Intranet portals

By creating an intranet portal, Sharepoint focuses on ways of accessing the enterprise information and its applications on a corporate network. With the help of this tool, any company can easily manage its data and information effortlessly.

Enterprise Content and Document Management

Sharepoint is also a useful tool which can be used for storing and keeping records of the documents. Even if there are different versions created by different users, Sharepoint can keep a track of the all the versions.

Extranet Portal

Sharepoint is also helpful in providing password-protected access to the people who are outside the organization. Alternate access mapping is also provided by Sharepoint, which permits many people to access different URLs of the same site. The same site can be used as an intranet on the network and extranet for the users who are outside.

Internet Sites

Since sharepoint is a web application platform, it is also useful for designing or creating any website with the help of ‘Publishing features.’

Software framework

Sharepoint has been developed on the ASP.Net framework. Hence, an additional layer of services is provided so that the volume of custom development for providing an application can be reduced.

The services we offer are:

Insync excels in developing the websites and managing intranet and extranet framework by using the tools provided by Sharepoint.

  • Sharepoint can be used to design completely and develop the web technologies.
  • Proper management, governance and security controls are also provided by this firm through sharepoint for the implementation of the requirements.
  • Many premium versions are available on this product with additional functions.
  • No cost is charged for the product we provide

Hence, these solutions provided by us for the enterprises are innovative and efficient. Information can be accessed seamlessly with the help of this tool. The effective feature of this tool fulfills the requirements of large and small scale businesses. Well, planned strategies are helpful in improving the productivity and is also cost saving.

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