SQA Consulting Services

Software quality assurance is a procedure of monitoring the software engineeringprocesses and methodologies followed to ensure thequality of the product. While doing this, many standards are followed like ISO 9000, IEEE 730 or based on some models like CMMI.

SQA has all the key components of the entire software development cycle which are design of the software, analysing the requirements, coding, and control over the source code, analysis of the codes, configuration of the software, testing, management, release management and integration of the product. SQA is made up of commitments, activities, goals, abilities, verifications and measurement.

SQA consulting services are organised in such a way that it gives its full potential in terms of IT testing capabilities and quality management.In sync has a team of dedicated onsite and offsite consultants to help you out with the testing functions through tools, procedures and frameworks.

SQA consulting services comes in a package, and there are alot of areas where a company can look into. Consulting with In sync gives a clear picture of the wants and needs of the company.

  • To analyse and view strategy design
  • To improve the process that is followed
  • To analyse the financial credentials and audit
  • To train the employees of the company
  • To give a picture to the project team about the recent development in the software
  • Consultation for the testing of the instruments
  • Consultation for the testing of the automation

Many companies prefer and opt SQA Consulting services as it makes their work accessible and enables them to concentrate on their core areas. The prime focus given to these SQA consulting services are due to:

  • Better delivery systems
  • Assurance of improved quality
  • Reduction and minimization of cost and resources
  • Continuous monitoring of the quality and its management
  • To ensure that global standards are followed during the testing process
  • To reduce the time to market

To meet the deadlines of the companies, many leave behind a bug that could hamper the whole business process. In order to remove these bugs, In sync offers the quality management that ensures the smooth working of the product.It has to be brought to attention that the entire SQA consulting services is not just to locate the bugs but to program again and to assure continuous quality assurance. The manual checking, decoding and bug fixing is really a time taking atask and In sync gives the best SQA consulting services in the market.