Oracle is one of the top-most multinational companies which is basically a computer technology corporation. It makes computer hardware systems, and it specializes in enterprise software products. It is the second largest software maker and seller by revenue after Microsoft. The headquarters is located in the Redwood City, California, United States.

It was co-founded by Larry Ellison in 1977. He has been the CEO of Oracle throughout its existence. He was announced as the highest paid executive in the world. The Oracle is considered as one of the best companies to work in. It was named in the Forbes’s best employers list.


The Oracle mainly deals particularly with its own database management softwares. There are many types of software which Oracle makes in a period of one year. Different products are-

  • Oracle applications- It means the non–database and non-middleware part. There are many functional modules on sale which are actually made by Oracle, and they use different software of Oracle itself like a financial suite.
  • Oracle Database- It is, in technical terms, object-relational database management system produced by Oracle itself. It is also termed as Oracle RDBMS or simply Oracle.
  • Oracle Enterprise Manager- It is nothing but a set of web-oriented tools and software used to manage software and hardware produced by Oracle and some of the other companies also.
  • Oracle Fusion Middleware, servers, workstations and storage- It is set of many software which offer many services like Java EE, developer tools, etc. The Oracles server runs just like a standard server and is used to serve the same general purpose of servers.
  • Development softwares- The Oracle’s developer tools include very useful softwares like Oracle Designer, NetBeans, Oracle SQL Developer and many more.
  • Operating Systems- Oracle has developed two operating systems: Oracle Solaris and Oracle Linux.

Oracle not only provides products, but it also offers many services also. Some of the services provided by the Oracle are:

  • Software as a service
  • Platform as a service
  • Infrastructure as a service
  • Oracle Cloud Services

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