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E-commerce is a platform which is fast growing and emerging as a new platform to sell the products. E-commercemeans selling the products online. Due to various reasons like lesser infrastructure cost, and easier maintenance,companies and organisations are now inclining towards the e-commerce market. E-commerce works on many technological platforms like online transaction processing, mobile commerce, supply chain management, electronic data interchange, automated data collecting systems and inventory management systems. There are three types of e-commerce. One is based on thepureclick, and the other is thebrick-and-click method.

  • Pure-click comprises those firms who do not have a physical location of the store. They work only on the digital platform
  • Bricks-and-clicks are those companies who already have a physical store,but to expand their business, they set foot on the digital medium
  • Click-to-brick is just the other way round of bricks and clicks. They have a platform on internet and to increase business sales, they launch their physical market store.

E-commerce servicesconsist of

  • Online goods and services – E-books, streaming media, software
  • Retail services – Food ordering, pharmacy, banking
  • Marketplace services – Social commerce, ticketing, online payment, help desk, advertising, comparison shopping

In sync helps to create and make your e-commerce sites.

What do we offer?

In sync offers e-commerce website services. In sync provide the CMS functionality for the e-commerce sites. The e-commerce services provided by In Sync:

  • Quick rolling pages and short loading time
  • You can append as much as you might needto your site – quantity, category, links, etc.
  • In sync provides you with the facility of cross-platform selling
  • In sync provides you with the full administration and power to control the management of the stock with quick email alerts and reporting
  • External coupons and other discounts can be added to the site from time to time without any glitch
  • Anyone can buy from anywhere support i.e. accessibility and validation of international currencies
  • In sync helps to export the data automatically
  • With In sync, you can enjoy the unlimited time shopping

All these services can be clubbed and are provided byIn Sync IT solutions. With the product quantity in theincrease, number of people browsing the sites increases, e-commerce websites need to be consistently maintained. E-commerce sites are different, and the updating of the stocks of the product is an arduous task. Companies prefer to hire an external service providing IT companies to help them out in maintaining the site. In sync is an IT service providing agency to help you out.

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